Firenze Fiera


12 - 14 October 2023

Misterbianco Catania

10:00 - 11:00
Date 9 March
Duration 60 MIN
How do you humanise technology?
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Resistance to online synchronous and asynchronous learning has been an issue for those forced into sudden change. However, online, blended and hybrid learning (both synchronous and asynchronous) is here to stay. As an inspector and as a teacher trainer, I have had the opportunity to observe many classes and I will be sharing my reflections.

The session will develop ways that online platforms and tools can be used to humanise online teaching i.e. how to make it learner-led, putting the learner at the heart of the process. I will consider and review good teaching techniques in an online context, how to set up tasks and activities to engage and motivate learners, and how to involve learners in a continuous humanistic assessment process to improve their performance in a learning-centred context.

Teaching and learning online can be carried out in a safe, interactive and enjoyable atmosphere, whilst still ensuring quality language teaching and supporting learners in achieving results.

Dirigenti Scolastici, Its, Architetture scolastiche, Area Umanistica
Stand LanguageCert - Pad. Spadolini - P. Attico

Julie Wallis - AISLi President