Firenze Fiera


12 - 14 October 2023

Misterbianco Catania

16:30 - 17:30
Date 8 March
Duration 60 MIN
The future of language learning
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I believe that we should not be teaching but instead creating an engaging and inclusive environment where all students can learn. This principle comes from the humanistic approach to learning and the idea that the role of a teacher is to be a facilitator and role model, aiming to increase intrinsic motivation and “excitement” in the classroom. The humanistic learning theory was developed by Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, and James F. T. Bugental in the early 1900’s. However, many of the principals of the approach still hold scientific relevance today –as understanding our learners is the key to successful, long-lasting and impactful teaching. I will discuss how the humanistic approach to language learning in my experience enhances not only linguistic competences, but also helps develop emotionally positive attitudes in students. I will also show how methodologies such as project-based learning, task-based learning, and new technologies such as virtual reality can be used as a metacognitive tool which enforces the idea of learning by doing. By engaging students in hands-on experiences and reflection, they are better able to connect theories and knowledge learned in the classroom to real-world situations.

Dirigenti Scolastici, Area Umanistica, Architetture scolastiche, Its
Stand LanguageCert - Pad. Spadolini - P. Attico

Joanna Paolinelli